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Business License
  • Institutional Credit Code Certificate

       Application of credit code certificate has been in the people's Bank and the banking financial institutions, credit business, credit business, account business, cash business, bill business, foreign exchange business and other fields, will become an important means of economic system and other institutions in the field of customer identification, become "economic identity". When performing business in the people's Bank of China and the banking financial institutions, the institutions may produce more convenient and efficient financial services by showing the certificate of institutional credit code.


    Update Time:2017-10-26
  • Registration form for foreign trade operators

        The registration form for foreign trade dealers is to obtain the right to import and export as the qualification that the table has the right to operate import and export, can use this handle in the customs, import and export inspection and Quarantine Bureau for qualified and safe, and only these formalities complete, to the formal operation in its own name import export customs clearance.


    Update Time:2017-10-26
  • Business license

       Business license is a certificate issued by the registration authority on behalf of the state to the company to permit its business. The business license of a company must be obtained according to law. From the date of obtaining the business license, the company has obtained the right of lawful operation, and has the right to engage in business activities. A company shall engage in production and business activities within the scope specified in its business license.


    Update Time:2017-10-26
Product Certificates
  • ISO9001:2008 quality system certification ISO9001:2008 Quality System

    Company introduction: Tangshan blue coast international trade co., LTD. Is a company that designs, develops, manufactures and sells all kinds of Bone China tableware, coffee set, tea set, etc., mainly engaged in the Bone China dinnerware, tableware, coffee set, coffee cups and saucers, tea set, office cup, bowl, and custom-made products, applicable to the supermarket, hotel, restaurant, family use, our products have passed the IS09001:2008 international quality management system certification.


    Update Time:2017-11-17
  • People's Republic of China customs declaration unit registration form

       The registration of the declaration, and the customs registration, refers to the import and export of goods or documents, customs declaration enterprises submit materials to the customs, customs declaration, customs declaration by confirming its qualification and registration system, registration to the customs import and export goods, customs declaration enterprises to condition customs. 


    Update Time:2017-10-26
  • Product inspection report
    Update Time:2017-10-26

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