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How to distinguish the difference between bone china and new bone china?

How to distinguish the difference between bone china and new bone china?
Update Time:2018-10-11

  Bone china is recognized as the most high-grade porcelain species in the world. In the firing process of bone china, its physiochemical indexes such as its regularity, whiteness, transparency, and thermal stability are highly demanding. Very high. Due to the sophisticated materials, precise production, and strict standards, the value is higher than other types of porcelain. The unique firing process and the addition of bone carbon will eliminate the impurities in the porcelain clay. The bone china will appear whiter, smoother, more transparent, lighter, and less blemishes. It will be thinner than ordinary porcelain and will have a special visual cleaning. The feeling is higher than that of ordinary porcelain and is twice that of daily porcelain. The higher the content of bone meal, the lower the composition of the clay, the easier it is to burn during the production process, and the higher the technology needed to form the product, which increases the difficulty of firing and is therefore more precious. 

   Bone china is the main choice for the production of bone china. Bone-ceramic flower decoration and glaze melting are integrated, and lead and cadmium are not harmful to the human body. At the same time, since Tangshan bone china has always been export-oriented, due to the basic guarantees of European and American society, the safety requirements for utensils used directly by the human body are very high, so bones produced by large factories such as Tangshan Haigre, Lunda, and Red Rose are produced. Porcelain is a true green porcelain. 

  Bone china is the world's most recognized high-grade porcelain species, but why are some bone china tableware cheaper than high white porcelain? Because these are very cheap are synthetic new bone china, which does not add natural bovine bone powder, but The natural bovine bone powder replaced with synthetic materials developed by the Zibo Silicate Research Institute contains a large amount of chemical components that are harmful to the human body and are called new bone china. 

  The new bone china is originally a kind of ordinary high white porcelain, the content of calcium oxide in the ingredients is slightly higher than ordinary porcelain, there is a certain translucency, the savvy manufacturers give a name of a dragon called Feng Yi, called new The main differences between bone china and bone china (bone china) are as follows:


   First, the use of different raw materials, bone china added more than 40% of the bone meal, new bone china does not add bone meal.

   Second, bone china uses multiple firings, and the new bone china is fired once.

  Third, bone china than the new white porcelain softness, high transparency, lighter porcelain, appearance is far better than the new bone china.

   To sum up, the new bone china is not a new breed of bone china, but it is named by name. It is cheap and attractive. Therefore, there are many people who are deceived, so we must not be deceived by this "new" word. 

  First, cover the glass on the light bulb (of course, you can also just facing the light), strong light transmission, soft color for the top grade.

   Second, whole body milky white, glazed smooth, thin porcelain is a quality product.

   Third, with a porcelain spoon beat or palm flat open and flick with your fingers, crisp and loud, like a Hong Zhong.

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