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The change of Tangshan ceramics from big cylinder to green Bone China

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The change of Tangshan ceramics from big cylinder to green Bone China
Issue Time:2017-11-16

The art of pottery and porcelain is called "mud and fire". Afternoon, tangshan ceramics co., LTD. The machine in the roar, humming, 55, deputy chief engineer Kim bowen sat quietly in the office work, with 36 years have dealt him about for ceramic kilns, charting.

"Piles of mud, drawing, blank, blank, water, painting, glazing, kiln and so on are the traditional forming methods of ceramics." "Said jin baoyuan. In the 60 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the porcelain of our city has changed greatly from the form of kiln, the quality of fuel and ceramic. Our city used to mainly produce large cylinders, pipes and other coarse porcelain, later developed into the production of fine porcelain, later production of bone China, from bone China to green bone China, products from lead to lead to lead-free. For the brilliance of tangshan ceramics, jin baoyuan said, "the first sanitary porcelain of China was produced by tangshan, and the first bone China was produced by tangshan. Once upon a time, jingdezhen in jiangxi province, zibo in shandong and foshan in guangdong province were able to get from tangshan to the root of survival.

"The kiln is a key process for molding." When talking about porcelain kiln, gold baoyuan has a strong interest. In 1973, he worked in the first porcelain factory of tangshan, and has dealt with pottery for 36 years. As far as he knows, before the 1970s, the porcelain kiln in our city was mainly coal - fueled straight smoke kiln, also known as steamed bun kiln. When the porcelain was fired, the fire came in from the mouth of the kiln and went straight out of the top of the blank. The production efficiency of straight smoke kiln is low, labor intensity is big, the product quality also is not guaranteed. Jin baoyuan said that two people need three shifts to burn a kiln, and ordinary porcelain needs six to seven classes to be ready to burn. Since there were no thermometric instruments at the time, the temperature of the kiln was full of experience and eyes. If one class is cooked and the other is not cooked, a kiln of porcelain can be destroyed.

With the development of relevant technology, the smoke kiln gradually replaced the straight smoke kiln, which solved the problem of high fuel consumption and uneven temperature in kiln. Jin baoyuan said that the fire of the straight smoke kiln was walking on it, and the porcelain at the bottom was sometimes not good. And the fire of the smoke kiln is to go up and down, to travel in the product, increase the time of heat exchange in the kiln, reduce the temperature difference in the kiln, so that the porcelain has more protection. However, in terms of operation, there is no breakthrough in the smoke kiln, which still needs to be based on the eyes and experience of the kiln master. Burning coal tunnel kiln to big scale, high yield, and the advantages of small intensity of labor, in the 1970 s, into the city before and after the ceramic coaling but its still need through the kiln workers how to control the temperature of the furnace. The 1976 tangshan earthquake destroyed pottery and porcelain plants. In order to resume production after the earthquake, the ceramic workers used their own hands to clear the ruins, build a factory, build a blast furnace, and only took one month or so to produce the first kiln aseismatic porcelain.

The change of China kiln fuel gradually reduced the technical threshold for firing porcelain. Jin baoyuan said that in the 1980s, the porcelain kiln of our city began to use gas, the earliest of which was the porcelain kiln for cooking sanitary ware. Gas kilns are much better than coal mines. In the past, some porcelain kiln had encountered a partial collapse, and the skilled kiln master would control the temperature in the kiln by controlling the filling amount of the coal, so that the collapsed part was restored. Jin baoyuan also dealt with the collapse of the kiln, once he completed a tunnel kiln, another kiln immediately after the problem. The temperature in the kiln was high, and his exposed hair was burnt. Jin baoyuan said: the kiln has achieved automatic temperature control, the temperature uniformity in the kiln, the collapse of the kiln is almost extinct. In addition, our city now has electric kiln, mostly used in smaller ceramics factories.

With the continuous improvement of porcelain technology, tangshan ceramics are not only household names, but also the market of many countries.Focus on tangshan high quality bone China, please go to www.tangshanbonechina.com.

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