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The tableware of G20 Summit

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The tableware of G20 Summit
Issue Time:2016-09-05
The  bone china tableware of G20 Summit named "West Lake Feast".Creativity comes from the West Lake element of "green landscape", its design from West Lake real estate, hope leaders of various countries in the taste delicious, but also like walking along the West Lake. 
The porcelain of the state banquet  made all 45% natural bone meal  of advanced bone china, each piece of exquisite porcelain need to go through 81 procedures.
The pattern comes from blue hills and green streams.
Porcelain corresponds to the English CHINA in the monogram, meaning that the development of China will build a bridge of cooperation and win-win for G20 members.
The inspiration of tea set and coffce set comes from West Lake lotus, lotus shape.
The inspiration of the top cover comes from the top cover three pools mirroring the moon.

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  Mr Shi