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The history of ceramic cup: the past life of "a lifetime"

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The history of ceramic cup: the past life of "a lifetime"
Issue Time:2017-12-05
The history of ceramic cup: the past life of "a lifetime"
     People like to send cups to relatives, friends, customers and so on. In addition to very practical cups, there are more special meanings. The homophone of the cup is "a lifetime", and a cup means a lifetime.
    Cups are daily utensils, which have been used for drinking or drinking tea from ancient times to the present. The basic type is mostly straight or open, and the diameter of the mouth is almost equal to the height of the cup. A foot, or students. Archaeological data show that the earliest cup was first seen in the Neolithic age.
      From the Warring States to the Han Dynasty, the original celadon cup appeared in the Han Dynasty, of which the oval, shallow abdomen and the long edge with flat ears were the most representative of the Han Dynasty. 
The Sui Dynasty cup is straight mouth, bottom glaze cup cake.
    Three color glaze and Tang Dynasty, the most distinctive pattern of fetal Kylix Kylix was also popular, and only a few small disc complete sets of combinations of drinks.
     The song and Yuan Dynasties, multi cup straight opening and superficial abdominal and foot or pupil, pupil bottom is in the shape of a trumpet.
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