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What for breakfast?

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What for breakfast?
Issue Time:2017-12-10

Breakfast is very important. A nutritious breakfast provides plenty of energy and a happy mood for a day. Let's use many kinds of food to match the delicate tableware to open the new day!

The Chinese breakfast is not only soya bean milk and fried dough sticks,but also in varied forms. Here are a few new styles of breakfast,It has come into the daily life of the Chinese.

Colourful food is more appetitive on clean white porcelain plates.

Have you ever tried dumplings with a vegetable salad?

The white rice porridge is more flavorful in the coffee mug.

Tomatoes and tomatoes are together, red and red fire.

Maybe you don't have time to carve more flowers on apples.But I'm sure it won't affect the taste.

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  Mr Shi