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Introduction of Royal Porcelain!

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Introduction of Royal Porcelain!
Issue Time:2016-02-12

Today, I'd like to give you a brief introduction to Princess Diana's favorite porcelain ,and Emperor Qian Long's imperial porcelain.

1.Blue Onion

 Appears in the movie "Sissi" in the porcelain, is the blue onion series

Designers originally wanted to imitate the Chinese pomegranate blessing pomegranate pattern, but because they do not know the pomegranate mistakenly pomegranate when the onion, then the wrong will be wrong, it has been called the blue onion. The whole set of porcelain is also full of Chinese style

The left picture is Chinese pomegranate, the right picture is blue onion


Food in the dinner plate, really like a work of art, quietly watching, the mood will be better

3. One thousand and one nights

One hundred and one nights, is a rich character for the creation of the theme, the designer is good to grasp the action of each character, rich their fresh vitality.

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