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After years of using the bone china, it is no longer panic after knowing the truth!

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After years of using the bone china, it is no longer panic after knowing the truth!
Issue Time:2018-04-12

After years of using the bone china, it is no longer panic after knowing the truth!

  When it comes to ceramics, it is inextricably linked to our lives. The rice bowls, plates, and baths we use every day are ceramic products. However, some people do not know that there are many materials in ceramics. When you enter the ceramics store, you are asked what kind of material you need for porcelain before you know that there is a bone china with the best quality.

  But one thing is that when people talk about bone china, it always reminds us of it's relationship with ashes, and it also scares people and feels terrible. In fact, you really want more. Today, the author will take you into Tangshan, Hebei, the largest production city of bone china, and go to the workshop to produce bone china to see what it is like.

 Before understanding bone china, let's take a look at its technical terminology. Bone china, referred to as bone china for short, was originally known as bone china in the United Kingdom. The basic process is based on animal bone charcoal, clay, feldspar, and quartz. It is produced through high-temperature firing and low-temperature glaze firing. A porcelain. Please listen to everyone. The ashes mentioned here refer to the ashes of animals. To make people feel less awkward, the inventor later changed his name to bone china.

 Bone china is generally fired twice, with a firing temperature of 1220-1280°C and a glaze firing temperature of 1080-1140°C. Bone china has a high degree of whiteness and good translucency, and has become a high-quality daily-use porcelain and decorative porcelain.

 Ceramics is a traditional characteristic industry in Tangshan, Hebei Province. Tangshan porcelain craftsmanship has been around 600 years ago. It is one of the major ceramic producing areas in China and is known as the porcelain capital of the north. According to historical records, as early as the Warring States period, Tangshan had begun producing clay pots and pottery, and during the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty, Tangshan pottery had a certain scale.

 The picture shows the picture taken by the author into the company's production workshop known for producing bone china. From here, to tell you how bone china is produced.

 According to this staff member, the two basic characteristics of bone china are the essential difference between it and other porcelains, that is, only bone carbon content is more than 36%, and after secondary firing, it is called bone china. 

 Bone china is much higher in sales price than ordinary porcelain-fired porcelain, because bone china has many unique properties. It not only looks exquisite, the porcelain is delicate and transparent, the device is beautiful and elegant, and the color surface is moist and jade.

 If you want to ask whether bone china is good or ceramics are good, those who are knowledgeable will certainly not hesitate to tell you, of course, is a good bone china. Bone china is produced in Britain and has long been the exclusive porcelain of the British royal family and aristocrats. It is currently the only high-grade porcelain species recognized in the world. It combines the dual values of use and art, is a symbol of rights and status, and is known as the king of porcelain.

 Today, the manufacture of Tangshan ceramics has become a project of industrial tourism. Many foreign tourists have been brought to the production site to experience how Tangshan Ceramics has come to people's lives.

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