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The human body has four "useless" ribs to make a bone China cup

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The human body has four "useless" ribs to make a bone China cup
Issue Time:2015-12-01

The human body has four "useless" ribs to make a bone China cup

The ribs are made into bone china cups for the beloved.


In the TV series, Liang Yi broke a rib and went to the hospital for treatment. I heard that the human body has four ribs that are useless. This wayward girl took out the injured rib and surgically made the bone into charcoal and burned it into a bone china cup to give her a deep love for Zhao Xiaoliang. When sending the cup, Liang Yi said, "I have broken a rib for you. Now give the ribs to you, you must collect the cup."


The reporter also learned from public reports that the actress Fei Wenli, who played the role of Scarlett in "Gone with the Wind", had taken out the bottom two ribs by surgery in order to achieve the perfect body of "rich breasts and thin waist". This provides a realistic illustration of the "ribless uselessness" from the side.

In theory, human bone burning is feasible but will not take orders.


Is the bone china cup really made of bone?


The customer service of a shopping website said that unlike ordinary ceramics, bone china is a bone charcoal of herbivores added to limestone, clay and kaolin. This process originated in the UK. The customer service said that because the animal bones contain calcium oxide, aluminum oxide and other substances, the burnt porcelain is more white and transparent. However, the higher the bone char content in the raw material, the easier it is to crack during the manufacturing process, which is more technically difficult and more expensive. The bone china cup content on the market is generally around 40%.

The customer service said that in general, the bone china is usually made of bovine bone in the process of burning, and it is made by carbonization in various processes such as degreasing, degumming, high temperature burning and sorting under the condition of air isolation. Can people's bones be made? The customer service said that human and animal bones are similar in composition. "There is theoretically ok, but it is actually a bit scary."

Each rib is a "protective god" and cannot be easily removed.


Zhu Baohua, a Chinese medicine physician in the Second Hospital of Jiangsu Province, China, said that technically, removing the ribs is a minor orthopedic surgery that does not cause direct harm to the human body, but unless the tumor grows on the bone, the ribs are generally not easily removed. . Zhu Baohua explained that under the protection of the ribs, unless there is a big collision such as a car accident, there will be no big problem in daily bumps. "After removing the ribs, a slight bump may cause liver rupture or rupture of the spleen, which is life-threatening."

Zhu Baohua said, "It is medically unreasonable to take out the ribs for no reason. It is medically not allowed. The ribs provide important protection for the human body. You must not remove the ribs easily for the beauty and love of the body."

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